Laws of the Other World: Chapter 30

Laws of the Other World Chapter 30

Ahh I feel so bad about the sparse updates but what can you do about real life…

If you have time, check out The Unfeeling Me, which we’ve recently completed at Dysania scans. It’s a BL webcomic about zombies :D


The Cat Immortal: Chapter 22

Things are getting dark, please take note of the warning I included in the beginning of the chapter.

The Cat Immortal Chapter 22

This chapter was a pain to work on for reasons other than the usual reasons. I spilled jujube tea over my laptop trackpad yesterday and the left-click key is now uncomfortably sticky. Great.

The Cat Immortal: Chapter 20

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since the last update… I didn’t forget about tci I swear!

Anyway, I’m trying to cut back on the cringy translator’s notes in the credits pages and put them underneath the chapter in a text block instead. So far, I like this idea a lot better and the aggregators can’t pick up on them, which means you guys get bonus thoughts heheh.

The Cat Immortal Chapter 20

I’m going to switch gears to work on lotow now. Which reminds me, I’ve recently been really tempted to pick up this novel by priest but I have 0 time for it… someone tell me it’s a bad idea please.